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When loans are part of your financial plan, our personal banking experts are here to guide you through the process and find the right financial solution. Our lending team will request a Personal Financial Statement to accompany an application.  For your convenience, download and save a Personal Financial Statement.

Mortgage Loans

First Westroads Bank Mortgage Centre

Specializing in self-employed, professional and executive lending we will walk you through every step of the way and guarantee quick turnaround on pre-approvals and loan commitments, generally 24 hours or less.

Offering Conventional Financing and Government Insured FHA and VA Loans.

  • Quick pre-approval and loan commitment
  • Access to competitive rates to fit your financial need
  • Investment property financing

Eric Koegel

Mortgage Centre Manager

(402) 778-1321

 Mike Hasiak

Mortgage Centre Lender 

(402) 778-1347


Residential Construction Loans

First Westroads Bank Residential Construction Centre

First Westroads Bank has many years of construction lending experience.  Tailoring a construction loan to meet your financial needs is our specialty. 

Our loan programs are designed to protect your money and property during construction.

  • Extensive knowledge of the surrounding subdivisions
  • Long working relationships with many of the top builders in the greater Omaha area

Matt Brown

Residential Construction Centre Manager

(402) 778-1328

Personal Loans

Home Equity Loan & Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Loan is a fixed-rate loan based on the available equity in your home. You receive the funds up-front with fixed monthly payments. Use a Home Equity Loan for home improvements; such as, remodeling or a room addition. 

A First Westroads Bank Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a revolving account based on the available equity in your home. You borrow money as you need.  A HELOC can be used for various needs; such as, education, family vacations, and home improvements.

Auto Loans

First Westroads Bank has various terms available for new and used vehicle financing.

Personal Money Reserve

A personal money reserve is an unsecured line of credit attached directly to your First Westroads Bank checking account. It will automatically transfer money as available to prevent an overdraft on your checking account.

Personal Loan

A First Westraods Bank personal loan is an unsecured loan with terms tailored to fit your financial need. You receive the funds up-front with fixed monthly payments.

Contact a First Westroads Bank Personal Banker at (402) 330-7200

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Project PayBac® Partner school tours
On April 15th, First Westroads Bank had the pleasure to host over 75 first grade students to a tour of the bank.  Among other things, they got to see cash & coin counters, the safe deposit box vault, and a brief presentation on how banks work.  After cookies and juice, they each received a piggy bank to get started on their own savings journey. 

A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity
We encourage you to take a few moments to read this special edition of the FDIC Consumer News.  Inside, you will learn what you can do and what banks and regulators are doing to help prevent online fraud and theft. 

IRA & HSA Account Holders: Important Reminder
You have until Monday, April 18, 2016, to contribute to your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for 2015.  Please see a First Westroads Bank Personal Banker to make a contribution, or call (402) 330-7200 if you have any questions.  The contribution limits for 2015 are:
   IRA: Limit of $5,500.  If aged 50 & over during 2015, eligible for $1,000 catch-up contribution, for a total of $6,500.
   HSA: Single Coverage High Deductible Health Plan Limit of $3,350.  If aged 55 & over during 2015, eligible for a $1,000 catch-up contribution, for a total of $4,350.
   HSA: Family Coverage High Deductible Health Plan Limit of $6,650.  If aged 55 & over during 2015, eligible for a $1,000 catch-up contribution, for a total of $7,650.  

Welcome to FirstWestroads.Bank
As one of the first banks in the country to move our web address to the .BANK domain, we are taking an important step in the security of our internet platform.  .BANK is a new domain developed by and for the global banking community.  A .BANK domain signifies that an organization has been verified as legitimate and is committed to implementing security requirements that surpass existing standards.  More information on the new .BANK domain.

First Westroads Bank Earns Bauer's Elite 5-Star Rating
Achievement of BauerFinancial's coveted 5-Star Superior rating puts First Westroads Bank in an elite category as one of the strongest banks in the nation, excelling in such areas as capital, loan quality, profitability and more.  First Westroads Bank has earned Bauer's recommended rating for the most recent 92 consecutive quarters. Full Media Release

With you on the journey
You've always known us as knowledgeable and experienced bankers.  You've always known us as local and responsive bankers.  You've always known us as First Westroads Bank.  Our new brand reflects what you've known all along.

Protecting Your Account Following a Data Breach
Whether you have a business credit card, personal debit or credit card, when you hear about a data breach in the news, it’s good to know that you are protected.  It’s wise to update your contact methods with your card provider to include email and text messages.  Timely and regular reviews of your purchases can help you identify unauthorized activity.  To learn more about how First Westroads Bank helps to protect you, click the heading.

Banking for Tablets Mobile App Release
First Westroads Bank has released the Mobile Banking App to include additional tablet devices.  Search First Westroads Bank from your device store or visit our Mobile Banking page for more details.

Business Online Banking Version Update
We have converted to the newest version of Business Online Banking.  For more information including certified operating systems and browsers, click here.

Online Security | How to protect yourself from being victimized
First Westroads Bank will NEVER ask for your personal information unsolicited. If you are asked for your personal information - being your name, social security number, address, date of birth, etc., know who's asking and how they will be using this information.

First Westroads Bank | Simple Banking
First Westroads Bank is a community bank in Omaha, NE. We offer all the banking services you have come to expect with the personal service of a local, Omaha, NE bank. With First Westroads Bank, you'll find a full range of services to meet your needs for personal banking, business banking, and online banking in Omaha, NE. If you are looking for a local bank in Omaha, NE for your personal banking needs, we offer all the services you expect. In addition, we offer a full range of business banking services to help you start or grow your business.