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Banking Solutions

A mix of banking tools and services that help maximize your daily operation.


Simplify the accounts receivable process with our Lockbox service.

By having your customers send payments directly to us, we'll quickly and efficiently process them and deposit the funds right into your account. Lockbox makes it that easy.

Lockbox's key benefits include:
  • Bank-deposit preparation
  • Elimination of daily trips to the bank and possibly the post office
  • Increase security by decreasing the opportunity for fraud
  • All original documents are returned to you

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Meet your highly capable electronic payments and deposits manager. The ACH manager provides you with a payment option that's fast, safe and incredibly easy.

With the completion of the ACH Origination Agreement, money will transfer between you and your customers, vendors and employees. It is the cost-effective way to handle routine transactions.

ACH is used for a wide variety of payments and deposits:
  • Payroll deposit
  • Payments to vendors
  • Payments from customers

Merchant Processing

Customized credit-card processing with lower fees and a high level of service.

We're setting new standards of excellence in both customer service and the payment-processing industry by partnering with EVO Payments International to provide credit-card processing and electronic payments. You'll experience a number of services directed toward savings, convenience and improved cash management.

Lower Fees. Our customers benefit from some of the best pricing in the industry -- without the hassle of hidden fees and long-term contracts. Additionally, our Payment Processing Review will provide you with information on how you can lower your credit-card processing fees.
Personalized Service. You can depend on us for nothing less than attentive and responsive assistance.
Quick and easy. The simple application, fast and flexible approvals, and swift installation makes it quick and easy to take advantage of our payment processing.

Through First Westroads Bank's partnership with EVO Payments International, any business can seamlessly accept:

  • All Major Credit Cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover
  • Debit Cards with either a signature or PIN-based approval process
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) for direct-payments cards issued by federal or state governments
  • Purchasing Cards for corporate or government organizations
  • Gift Cards which remove the hassle and inconvenience of paper gift certificates

Remote Deposit

Make bank deposits* directly from your office with RemoteConnect service.

The check scanner allows you to scan checks and send them electronically to First Westroads Bank, where they'll be processed immediately upon receipt** just as if you'd stopped by the bank. The results will be faster deposits, more efficient collections and tremendous convenience for you and your business.

RemoteConnect Advantages

Extended Deposit Deadlines: You have until 6:00 p.m. to make your deposits for same-day credit.
Time Savings: With RemoteConnect you will not have to drive to the bank and you will spend less time making your daily deposit.
Consolidate Deposits: Local, regional or nationwide. Deposit your checks** from anywhere.

RemoteConnect Features

Check Scanner available from First Westroads Bank.
FREE Training: provided by First Westroads Bank, customized for your business.
CAR (Courtsey Amount Recognition) reads the amounts written on checks and encodes them for processing, reducing manual keying of amounts on your end.
24/7: Deposits can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience.*
Image Storage: Checks are imaged front and back for easy access at a later time.
Added Security with encrypted image-file transmission.
  • * Excludes checks drawn on financial institutions located outside of the United States, third-party checks, remotely created checks, and substitute checks.
  • ** Deposits made after 6:00 p.m. will be credited to your account on the following business day.

Positive Pay

A watchdog for your checks.

Positive Pay can help reduce fraud by identifying unauthorized check transactions posted to your account before final payment is made. This comprehensive solution compares transactions with daily failures. The system does not prevent transactions from taking place but simply provides information to the bank.

Exceptions such as duplicate transactions, amount discrepancies and check-number mismatches are identified automatically. Decisions on exception items are made by you within BusinessConnect internet banking.

Positive Pay Features

Real-time integration: The solution is streamlined between customer accounts and the bank's clearings.
Automated Exception Handling: Each transaction submitted through Positive Pay is sent for authorization. Exceptions are handled directly through BusinessConnect internet banking and First Westroads Bank's operations department.
Upfront Fraud Prevention: Authorized customer employees are empowered to resolve exception items, mitigating potential fraud losses.
Easy File Import: Streamlined customer process for importing Positive Pay files containing issued, void or stop-pay transactions via BusinessConnect internet banking.

Courier Pickup Service

When you can't come to us, we'll come to you.

First Westroads Bank's MobileConnect provides convenient bank courier service to and from your office.
  • No more time wasted driving to and from the bank
  • 100% bonded and insured
  • Pickups scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
  • Couriers pick up check deposits, loan documents and new account applications
  • Couriers also deliver deposit receipts and other bank documents
  • Free locking courier bags ensure security

Wire Transfer

Send a payment faster than it takes you to read this sentence.

With wire transfer, you'll be able to:
  • Transfer funds to accounts at other financial institutions
  • Receive full confirmation of sending and delivery of funds
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Safe and secure
  • *Ancillary services are subject to additional terms and conditions and/or fees.