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Physician Solutions

Customizable banking products for physicians and their families

Helping you maintain the health of your finances.

There are a few things more exciting for newly minted or veteran physicians than moving to a new city and joining an established practice, or opening their own practice.

Our experienced lenders have built long-standing relationships with many physicians, understanding their needs, knowing their pain points and helping them receive customized financing that meets their goals. We're here to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your family.

Partner Buy In

Buying into a healthcare group and having part ownership of the practice, when done properly with the help of an experienced lender by your side, should come with few risks and many rewards. We have the background and knowhow to devise a customized partner buy-in loan that will be perfect for the terms of your agreement

Practice Financing

Opening a new practice requires the right type of financing that can help you fill it with the best equipment for your patients. Our lenders will work with you to devise a loan that will match the type and size of your new practice. We also offer financing for adding or upgrading equipment in your existing practice.

Treasury Management

In today's technology forward world, employing the right innovation will help improve the flow of money in your practice. We offer the latest tools and services customized treasury management to fit the needs of your office. Our main goal is to help you reduce accounting errors, receive payments promptly and have your practice match your efficiency.

Bridge Loans

Tap into buying power with a bridge loan that allows you to place an offer on a new home without a contingency sale — a great option for any physician who wants to move to Omaha or the surrounding area without having to wait until his or her current home is sold.

Short-term Loans: With options ranging from six months to one year.
Payments are interest-only
Defer Payment Option: Loan may provide the option to defer payments until you sell your home.

Home Mortgage

A home mortgage should be just as personal as the home itself. We focus on designing a mortgage that compliments the financial history, current status and future potential of each one of our physician customers. Our approach to customizing lending products is unique, just as each physician's circumstances are unique. To learn more about our offerings that are specific to physicians, call our experienced mortgage lender Ken Wray at (402) 778-1328

Personal Lines of Credit

You care about your patients' well-being. We care about your financial well-being. We have a suite of personal loan products that provide you with the freedom to use the money in any way you want — pay off student loans, consolidate debt, renovate your home and so much more. We work with you one-on-one to learn about your personal financial goals and help you achieve them.

Online Banking

Your time is valuable and needs to be spent tending to patients rather than banking. Our online tools and services help you maximize your time so you can focus on more pressing issues.

  • *Ancillary services are subject to additional terms and conditions and/or fees.
  • *All loans are subject to credit approval.