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Personal Business

Personal Loans

Our personal-banking experts are here to guide you through the loan process and help you find the right financial solution. You will need a Personal Financial Statement.

Home Equity Loan and Home Equity Line of Credit

Ready to make your dream kitchen happen? Or give your home breathing room with an addition? Whatever home-improvement project you want to make happen, a Home Equity Loan will provide you with the funds needed.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a revolving account based on the available equity in your home. You borrow money as needed, which you can use toward college payments, family vacations or replacing a hot-water heater.

Auto Loans

Whether you’re ready for a brand-new car or a secondhand beauty, we have various financing available to help put you in the driver’s seat faster.

Personal Money Reserve

Mistakes happen. Stop kicking yourself (and paying penalties) for overdrawn funds from your First Westroads checking account and get a Personal Money Reserve loan. The unsecured line of credit links directly to your account and automatically transfers money as needed.

Personal Loans

You may be motivated to consolidate your high-interest debts and pay a lower interest rate, or you might want to, finally, take that dream family vacation — whatever your motivation, a Personal Loan can help.

This is an unsecured loan with terms tailored to fit your personal financial needs. You receive the funds up-front with fixed monthly payments.

  • *Loans are subject to credit approval.